5 places you should visit in Tbilisi

Are you tired of annoying skyscrapers and dull highways? Do you want to visit something different than European art museums or Alp’s resorts?

Then you must visit Georgia, and especially, its capital Tbilisi. This old city has a lot of mysterious and fascinating places which can exhilarate even the most demanding British adventure-seekers. And if you want to spend your weekend in Georgia, you must first come to its capital, Tbilisi.

5 Most Interesting Places in Tbilisi:

1. Sameba Cathedral: This church stays one of the tallest orthodox cathedrals in the world. Staying 86 meters high, it remains the most remarkable religious building in Southern Caucasus. Even if you are not an orthodox Christian, you should come to this temple or at list see it from the funicular at night;

2. Sulfur baths: Abanotubani located in a southern Tbilisi is a place where anyone making London Tbilisi cheap flights should go. This is not only the place which owes this city its name, it stays the place where the most powerful sulfur thermal baths locate. Here travelers can see numerous baths where they can take several procedures which are immensely healthy for your skin and nervous system;

3. Narikala fortress: This place is very popular for tourists who like to explore ancient buildings. Built in the 4th century, this fortress remains one of the oldest in Europe. Locating on a high hill, it gives tourists an unforgettable view on old Tbilisi. Here one can also observe the Mother of Georgia, the national monument, which serves as a symbol of Georgian hospitality and strength;

4. Mtatsminda hill: This is a place from which one can get an unforgivable view on a Night Tbilisi. There are always people who are brave enough to climb on this mountain but there is much safer way to see it: from a funicular. Only one climb on a mountain and back will help you see Georgian capital like you’ve never seen it before;

5. Gabriadze theatre: Located in the historic center of Tbilisi, the building of Gabriadze puppet theatre remains one of the most beautiful here. Apart from seeing the building, you can also attend one of its puppet performances or enjoy some delicious food in Gabriadze café, one of the best in this city.

If you still have time

Georgian capital

Staying in Georgian capital for 2 days is never enough. If travelers want to explore this old city in full, they should spend a night viewing spectacular night city views. After you wake up, enjoy the walk across cities of historic Tbilisi and don’t forget to visit Dry Bridge market with its legendary flea market.

Here you can buy a lot of valuable souvenirs, old coins, postcards, books, and other items to bring to your home as a memory of Georgia. And don’t forget to taste Georgian traditional cuisine. Tbilisi is a city which is ready to reveal its mysteries. And if you are thinking about your next travel destination – this is a great opportunity for your next trip.

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