A look at CCTV drain surveys

Here, we look at what a CCTV drain survey is and what the benefits are.

The purpose of a CCTV drain survey is to establish the condition of the pipework. A CCTV drain survey is carried out using specialist state-of-the-art camera equipment specifically designed to travel through below ground pipework in order to establish the condition of the drainage system.

The camera is placed into the drainage system at access points such as manholes, gullies and rodding eyes and the camera will be pushed slowly through the pipe. The footage is recorded so that it may be analysed to enable a condition report to be compiled.

A drainage system which flows as it has been designed to is critical to the running of most businesses. A blocked rainwater or surface water system can result in flooding during times of rainfall.

A blocked foul system can result in the loss of use of facilities on a site as well as flooding. Either of these scenarios can at the very least cause disruption to a business and in some instances prove to be extremely costly.

Over a period of time, the condition of drainage system often deteriorates to the extent that the system ceases to run. Following the clearance of a blocked drain, it is recommended that a CCTV drain survey is carried out.

The report which results from the drain survey will advise on the cause of the drainage system backing up and if necessary then recommendations will be put forward for the repair of the defect so as to reduce the likelihood of the system blocking in the future.

Common defects identified on drainage systems include root intrusion, open joints, displaced joints, scale, encrustation and collapses.

The type of repair proposed within the report following the CCTV survey will obviously depend on the nature of the defect identified. However, common repair techniques range from traditional excavation and replacement of pipework to the more sophisticated techniques such as root cutting and drain lining.

This CCT Drain Survey guide has been supplied by Drainage Consultants – specialised contractors undertaking all forms of drainage surveys and repairs for commercial business clients.

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