David Cliff is managing director of Gedanken and chairman of the Institute of Directors’ Northern Sector Group.


Why courtesy in business goes further than superficial niceties

Here, David Cliff discusses why courtesy in business extends beyond acknowledging clients' birthdays and promotional pens.


Achieving more through stress avoidance

In this piece, David Cliff ruminates on striking the right balance between acquiring luxuries and having the time to enjoy them.

Business management

Ensuring thoughtful, congruent marketing in your business

David Cliff puts marketing under the spotlight, discussing why so many do it so wrong and giving tips for success.

Finding and selling to customers

Fighting shy of public service tendering

David Cliff discusses the situation of fewer businesses willing to compete for public sector tenders.


If courtesy costs nothing, why is it so rare in business?

David Cliff discusses the decline of common courtesy and how making an effort to be courteous in business relationships will pay dividends.

Business management

Preparing for retirement as a small business owner

In this blog, David Cliff explores the decision to retire and the necessity of retirement planning for business owners and staff.


Striking the right balance between a defensive and proactive strategy in business

The short-term mindset of downsizing is more practical for larger businesses than small, argues David Cliff in this piece.

Legal advice

Exploring the role of mediation in a small business

David Cliff discusses why it may be easier for a business to settle disputes via mediation before looking at more severe approaches.