Tom Lingard is a partner at law firm Stevens & Bolton LLP.

Legal advice

Facebook vs Facebusks: Protecting trademarks in a competitive industry

Here, we consider the pivotal role trademarks can play in connecting with consumers as well as the importance of protecting them and avoiding infringement.

Business management

Unfair online criticism: Managing your brand reputation

Tom Lingard discusses the measures you can take to deal with unfair comments about your business online.

Legal advice

Social media and legal protection: Understanding the new Defamation Act

Tom Lingard discusses the new Defamation Act and how it impacts on what businesses can post online.

Legal advice

Key legal issues for tech start-ups

Tom Lingard presents the legal considerations early-stage tech companies need to be mindful of when starting out.

Legal advice

IP protection: How to protect your most valuable assets

Tom Lingard, partner at law firm Stevens & Bolton, discusses the ways in which intellectual property rights can be used to protect the assets of your business.