Donna is Managing Director of D O H R Ltd., an HR specialist and business coach.

Employing & managing staff

The ten most common HR challenges for small businesses

Here, we look at the top ten most common small business HR challenges, and what you can do to overcome them

Employing & managing staff

Fire and rehire – what you need to know

Can you ‘fire and rehire’ your staff if they won’t accept a change to their contractual terms?

Legal advice

What are the new rules on calculating holiday pay for seasonal workers?

The Harpur Trust v Brazel case has challenged the way that seasonal and part-year worker holiday pay is calculated. What should you do now?

Employing & managing staff

Top 10 HR tips

Donna Obstfeld of DOHR takes you step-by-step through the staff onboarding process and explains why, in today’s post-Covid workplace, regular HR appraisals feed in to communicating the company culture you want to promote

Business management

Managing health and safety in the workplace

What are your responsibilities as a small business owner when it comes to health and safety? Donna Obstfeld of DOHR explains