Owen was a reporter for Bonhill Group plc writing across the Smallbusiness.co.uk and Growthbusiness.co.uk titles before moving on to be a Digital Technology reporter for the Express.co.uk.


The best cities in the UK to start a street food business

Setting up a street food business can be tough but incredibly rewarding and profitable. Here are the best cities in Britain to start.


Tax-efficient ways to extract profits from your business

Here, we break down a number of tactics business owners can use to extract profit from their business with one eye on tax-efficiency at all times.

Getting Online

How to prepare your website for Black Friday traffic

As more retailers than ever prepare for Black Friday, Aaron Dicks, managing director at Impression, explains how to prepare your website for an influx in traffic

Finding and selling to customers

Essential Black Friday tips for Amazon sellers

Here, Mike Cockfield, managing director and Khaos Control Cloud, gives his top tips for Amazon sellers to take advantage of Black Friday.

Getting Online

Advantages of a merchant account for your e-commerce business

A merchant account acts as the buffer between your customer and your business account. Think of it as a holding pen where your money is parked while your e-commerce sale is validated

Finding and selling to customers

The importance of defining your unique selling point

Innovate UK runs down the top tips for finding and defining your unique selling point and boost your sales.

Office & home working

What you should know before moving office

If your company’s growing, you’ve had a change in requirements or you just simply fancy a change of scenery, then you may be looking at moving into a new office.


How to make a small business PR plan

Here, Sarah Lee, Founder of PingGo, highlights the benefits of compiling a solid PR plan for your small business.

Finding and selling to customers

A beginner’s guide to sales prospecting

For businesses to find success, they need to understand and actively hunt sales. In this article, Katie Deverill, operations manager at Company Check, offers some prospecting tips for businesses.

Small Business Insurance

The benefits of national insurance

Here, we look at the main benefits to paying National Insurance.


Top tips for advocate marketing

Is your business making the most of its employees and customers to spread brand awareness? We delve into the world of advocate marketing.

Setting up a company

The seven-point checklist for setting up a business

Sarah Musgrove, editor in chief of Opus Energy, offers a seven-point checklist to help you in setting up a business. Ian and Gary from Raybon Putters also share how they got started.