James Cox is a marketing expert for high growth global tech companies.

Finding and selling to customers

It’s all in the positioning: What to do when your business seems to be losing focus

James Cox looks at what to do if your market positioning starts to drift in the early stages of business.

Business Technology

Improving the user experience of your website

James Cox gives a few tips on making your site as visitor-friendly as possible.


Five ways to waste your B2B marketing budget

Marketing can be expensive for a small business, so getting the best bang for your buck is essential. Here, James Cox reveals some typical ways of blowing the budget.


How to maximise the lead generation power of your company blog

Company blogs no longer serve as just website window dressing. Marketing expert James Cox gives tips on putting together the right blog to generate leads.

Finding and selling to customers

How to improve the accuracy of your sales forecasting

James Cox explains how inbound marketing can help you forecast sales more scientifically and therefore more accurately.