Rob White of European & UK patent attorneys Avidity IP.

Legal advice

Why it’s crucial to make sure you own your own logo

You might think you own your logo – but it is quite possible you don't. Intellectual property expert Rob White reveals why it is essential for the copyright for your logo to be assigned to your business.

Getting Online

Protecting your online presence: Domain name disputes

Rob White, of Avidity IP, discusses how to protect yourself against intellectual property abuse as a small business.

Legal advice

How to pick a good trade mark

Rob White, of Avidity IP, gives some examples of good and bad trade marks and how to secure a good one.

Legal advice

Brand insurance: Protecting the intellectual property in your business

Rob White discusses the importance of registering trade marks and the process small businesses should follow.

Legal advice

How code name leaks could lead to a big legal bill for businesses

Rob White of Avidity IP discusses how code names being leaked can result in a costly trade mark dispute.

Business management

Interflora case study: how new keyword advertising legislation could harm businesses

Trade mark specialist Rob White discusses significant changes in the keyword field in 2013 that businesses should know about.