Dr Robert McHenry is founder and executive chairman of OPP.

Employing & managing staff

Five practical tips for conducting a job interview

Robert McHenry presents guidance on making your prospective employee as comfortable as possible.


Coaching in small businesses: DIY or bring in a professional?

Is business coaching effective? Robert McHenry weighs up internal coaching versus employing external help.

Business management

Does your business need a strategy?

Robert McHenry assesses the meaning of the word 'strategy' in a small business context, and the requirement to have one in place.

Business management

Why you cannot be a good manager if you want to be liked

Robert McHenry discusses why being respected is preferable to being loved when it comes to being a good boss.

Employing & managing staff

Taking up references: Top tips to get real insight into potential employees

The practice of asking for a reference is dying out but, as Robert McHenry notes, there are methods of learning about the value of potential hires.

Employing & managing staff

Getting the right people on board for a successful team

Robert McHenry, executive chairman of OPP, has learned through experience what it takes to construct a good team around you. Here, he gives some advice.