Avoid stress and burnout with these six healthy habits: infographic

The team at the UK Domain share six healthy habits that will ward off stress and burnout in small business owners

From keeping on top of admin to generating sales, balancing the books and looking after staff, it can feel like there’s always something that needs doing when running your own business. This pressure makes all SME owners at risk of suffering from burnout and extreme stress.

In fact, our research at The UK Domain found that 71 per cent* of small business owners have experienced stress in the workplace in the past year, with 26 per cent* of respondents marking juggling business and personal commitments as a major cause of stress. Other factors of stress were time pressures (24 per cent), staying on top of business administration (21 per cent) and concerns over Brexit (8 per cent).

There are, however, some small and simple steps you can take as a small business owner to help you reduce stress, avoid burnout and operate at your peak performance. These steps can be categorised into six healthy habits and are the focus of our latest infographic, which you can view below. We’ve also shared some interesting statistics for each, from how exercise and sleep can stop us getting ill to the impact diet and alcohol can have on our mental performance.

Prevent stress and burnout

We’ve also been working with professional performance coach and small business owner Phillippa Hurrell on a number of resources to help SME owners proritise their time, resources and wellbeing.

Our latest guide, written by Phillippa, provides more helpful advice on each of the six healthy habits, including some handy tips, questions to help you start thinking about your current habits and an interactive scoring system. You can download a copy here.

Remember that your business’ most valuable asset is you, so investing time into seeing how you can prioritise your wellbeing is extremely important. Why not make a start by seeing how you could incorporate these healthy habits into your routine? Don’t forget you can download our interactive guide for more guidance on each here.

*2019/2020 UK Domain research. Percentages calculated from total respondents for each individual question.

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Small Business Pro, our all-in-one solution, can save you time and money as well as offering expert and peer support. It will also help with the heavy lifting of managing customers, taking payments, insurance, finance and HR, plus you’ll get a host of personal wellbeing benefits.

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