British employers increasingly offer unusual workplace perks

To try and attract and retain the very best in young talent, businesses are increasingly offering unusual workplace perks.

British employers are increasingly using unique and unusual workplace benefits to attract top talent to their organisations, shows latest research from jobs search engine Adzuna.

The study analysed 1 million+ open roles featured on Adzuna in the month of April, and highlights some of the more unusual perks currently being advertised.

Trips abroad, huge cash bonuses, and free lunches cooked on-site by chefs are just a few of the incredible benefits being used by large companies to attract job seekers. Recent analysis shows a trend of lower cost, more unusual perks for staff though, and Adzuna’s research reveals some of the most unique solutions UK companies are using to attract top talent, without blowing the expenses budget.

Doug Monro, co-founder of jobs search engine Adzuna, reveals, ‘Smart employers are proving that you don’t have to spend big on luxurious office perks or team bonding trips to lure top talent. There are more cost-effective benefits out there that reflect companies’ cultures and employees really value.’

Unusual perks offered by employers:

Hangover days

With an increasing number of startups, tech companies and organisations across the board keen to attract and retain young, vibrant, hungry employees and create dynamic, socially-driven atmospheres, more employers are offering an out to staff you feel less than their best after a hard night’s ‘brainstorming with the team’.

Feeding the ducks

On the gentler side, one company currently hiring praised the surrounding area’s local beauty and suggested candidates take advantage of feeding the ducks during their lunch break. There’s no mention of whether or not they’d supply the bread, so candidates could definitely make an impression in the interview by enquiring further!

Pawternity leave

The UK is a nation of dog lovers, so it’s only natural that some workplaces have started offering pawternity leave leave to help new pet parents settle in their pups. Companies that offer this perk and let you bring your dog to the office are definitely a candidate’s real best friend

Free Netflix

Ideal for those more inclined towards, perking overtime rather than working overtime, an increasing number of companies are offering free entertainment packages to new joiners for their free time. Smart applicants could even combine this fun benefit with a Hangover Day?

Free ice-cream

While some HR departments may question whether the potential risk of brain freeze can be tolerated in the workforce, a growing number of employers are offering free ice cream to keep colleagues cool over summer. Will it turn into hundreds and thousands?

In office meditation classes

With almost 26 million working days lost due to stress last year according to the HSE, weekly in office meditation provides extra peace of mind to employers as well as employees.

Attendance at industry award ceremonies

Rolling out the red carpet for new employees is taking on a whole new meaning for British employers, as innovative recruiting managers offer the chance to rub shoulders with the industry leaders at major awards ceremonies.

Language lessons

While many roles that are based overseas often offer free language lessons, there’s currently a web agency based in London providing free Japanese language lessons, while further west along the M4 you’ll find employers offering free Welsh lessons.

Wine time Fridays

Adzuna has noticed the rise of ‘Beer Fridays’ over the last couple of years, but there’s good news for those that prefer grape over grain: Wine Time Fridays is in the diary at some employers.

Further reading on workplace perks

Employee perks on the rise

According to an earlier survey from the Institute of Directors (IoD), non-cash benefits for employees are becoming an increasingly popular option for small business owners.

The survey revealed an overwhelming 85% of businesses offering benefits such as private healthcare, assistance with skills development and increased contributions to pensions on top of basic salaries.

The IoD Director-General commented: “Modern employers have to be more imaginative with their remuneration packages: they know that salary alone is no longer enough to attract the best staff. In an increasingly competitive market, employees are looking to top up their salaries with benefits that will make a real difference to their quality of life.”

Owen Gough, SmallBusiness UK

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