Business Broadband vs Residential Broadband

As a business owner you may have wondered why you need to get an internet connection from a specialist business broadband provider.

If you’re a business owner you may have wondered why you need to get an internet connection from a specialist business broadband provider rather than simply through the same company that supplies your home internet connection.

The reason for this is the same reason that specialist business providers exist in many services, for example business solicitors or business cars. Although the product is the same, businesses have different needs to the average man on the street. And that is why business broadband exists, because businesses demand to be online and available in a way which matches their needs. Here’s the advantages of business broadband to your firm:

Business suited

Whether you need monthly billing, payments or invoices, a business broadband provider will have everything you need. They have experience in handling business related problems and issues which are unique to business users. If you are moving to other premises for example, the business provider will be able to handle a change for your business quickly.

Faults and repair service

Residential broadband customers also have a fault report service, but the main difference between business and residential support is speed. Frustrating as it is losing an internet connection at home, the worst that will generally happen is that your kids will complain because they can’t get on Facebook. For your business, however, a loss of connection even for a short time can be a disaster.

Missed e-mails or a non-functioning website will almost certainly result in angry customers and missed opportunities. If this ever happens, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a queue trying to get through to customer service, only to be told it can’t be fixed for 2 weeks. Likewise, your employees will need to communicate with suppliers, customers and each other and any delays can cost your business a great deal. A business broadband provider will understand and react to any faults far quicker than a residential connection.


Internet connections have different speeds according to the package they have bought. Few people understand, however, that other factors contribute to the 8mbs-24mbs speed or lack of speed in a broadband connection. One factor is contention ratio. This is the number of people sharing bandwidth (i.e. in an office) or a line into the exchange (i.e. an area). Lower contention ratios mean faster speeds because less people are using bandwidth or exchange. This can be very dependent on time of day when there are more users at peak times for instance.

Broadband speed is also affected by the medium over which information is transmitted. Many businesses are now choosing faster broadband connections using fibre optic cables rather than traditional copper telephone wires.

Internet use is another factor. Domestic connections are set to give good performance for online browsing and domestic applications like 4 On Demand or ITV Player. Some business connections, on the other hand, can prioritise business applications like e-mail and large files.

The speeds you might get in your area will be determined by the local telephone exchange. Speaking to broadband suppliers directly and enquiring about the speeds you can achieve in your area is the best idea.


Finally, business broadband providers can often offer better value for money to a business account compared with residential packages. They won’t try to bundle their connection with satellite TV channels or offer the cheapest deals if you get a new dish installed. The focus of business broadband is to provide businesses with cheap and reliable broadband with the fastest possible connection.

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