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Here, Nisbet has created a guide into 'How to get your business listed on Google and Apple maps'.

Thanks to how easy it is to access the internet today, many people will now begin their search for a business on Google Maps— that’s the case whether they are looking for a hotel room for the night, a restaurant reservation or a high-street store for some retail therapy.

It stands to reason then that you want your business to be as appealing and visible as possible online. A great place to start is by getting your company noticed on two of the most widely used map providers around; Google Maps and Apple Maps. Here, catering equipment provider Nisbets explains how:

Google Maps vs Apple Maps

There are a few key differences between Google Maps and Apple Maps, not least the exclusive features available on each program.

Google Maps has its detailed Street View option, for example, while Apple Maps boasts handy 3D mapping and Fly Over elements.

Users will also receive unique information depending on the program they use. You can access up-to-the-minute details about public transport, for instance, while Apple Maps taps into TripAdvisor to source its UK reviews.

Despite the differences, both are easy-to-use navigation tools and so it’s important to get your business recognised effectively on each program.

Getting a business listed on Google Maps

To get your business listed, head to this link and then proceed through the following steps:

Click on the button ‘Start Now’.

Fill out all of the details of your business and then click ‘continue’.

Check and verify the information you’ve inputted, only clicking ‘continue’ when you’re happy with the details recorded.

Wait for a verification code to be sen — this will be sent by post.

After verification has been established, complete your profile. Your business will now be visible both on Google Maps and in search results.

Getting a business listed on Apple Maps

The Apple Maps Connect portal is the simplest way to get your business listed on Apple Maps. Once here, follow these steps:

Use your Apple ID to sign into the Apple Maps Connect portal — don’t worry, you can sign up for a free ID straight away if you don’t have one already.
Once into the portal, click ‘add place’.
Next, click on the button ‘add new place’.

Fill out all of the details of your business and complete the process. Your business will now be visible on Apple Maps.

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