Businesses failing to reduce carbon footprint

Companies in the UK can increase their value by reducing their carbon footprints and tackling emissions, says one body.

The Carbon Trust asserts firms can lose some of the value of their business if they do not tackle these environmental issues.

According to research conducted by the group, the automotive industry stands to gain the most by reducing its emissions, closely followed by the brewing and consumer electronics sectors.

Bruce Duguid, head of investor engagement at the trust, says the introduction of Kyoto targets next year will have a large impact on British businesses.

‘Climate change could start the next industrial revolution … it’s both an opportunity and a threat,’ he comments.

Duguid adds the Kyoto protocol will bring with it ‘ambitious targets’ and changes which will affect the whole industry.

Tom Daly, chief executive of the Carbon Trust, says the industry should see this as a ‘trillion dollar wake-up call’.

Recent research from CompTIA finds UK small businesses are more open to green IT technologies than their US or Canadian counterparts.

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