Can this app change the way we pay forever?

Here's how Dether is looking to build a bridge in creating easier applications for cryptocurrency.

Dether, a uniquely decentralised mobile application, allows anyone to buy the ether cryptocurrency using cash to create their alternative ‘wallet’. Currently ether is second most valuable after bitcoin in the market. At, this is a cryptocurrency that we’re getting very excited about and you’ll see why.

Users can spend Dether in physical retail outlets or with any participating businesses, simply by using their mobile phone. Imagine running out of cash on a night out, and paying for the restaurant bill with an ether payment.

Anyone who has ether to sell and Dether’s app on their smartphone can become a mobile ATM, i.e. a ‘person teller machine’ (PTM). With Dether, people can transact with retail and service provider users, or meet up with anyone nearby and exchange ether (ETH) for cash with Dether’s ‘map’ identifying people nearby who use this app. This latest tech eases the process of buying and selling the hugely successful ether and opens up much wider peer to peer electronic cash trading.

Dether will, it is hoped, lower current barriers to Ethereum’s mass appeal, encouraging more regular use and continuing their overall upward trend, regardless of short term market vagaries.

Dether then is building a bridge in creating easier applications for cryptocurrency with their accessibility solution. The Dether application is available in the App store in the UK and US, or on Dether’s website. It is user friendly, with simple ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ button functionality, with a user wallet and map of who is looking to buy or sell ether close-by in the area. Integrated instant messaging software means anyone can arrange meet ups to build momentum in ether use.

How it works

The value of ether is calculated automatically within Dether’s app, so that, for instance, anyone wishing to buy £100 worth of the cryptocurrency negotiates with an ether seller, who pushes their ‘Sell’ button, upon insertion of the £100 ether value requested; the price is shown on the Dether app interface.

In terms of security, there is a user rating system, so that each time users transact, the parties can rate their experience of the person they bought from or sold to. Over time, this builds trust within the system – which, after all is all our fiat currency system is based on.

These peer to peer digital cash transactions, which by-pass traditional financial institutions’ involvement offer powerful potential for impacting how we do business in future. Given the range of blockchain supported products and services on Ethereum’s platform, ether may eventually overtake bitcoin as the go to cryptocurrency.

Why choose Dether as a growth investment?

Blockchain is increasingly becoming mainstream, including within major financial institutions, such as Goldman Sachs and tech giants, such as Microsoft and IBM. Traditional leviathans acknowledge this disruptive technology is set to transform how we operate in our daily and digital lives. This makes the Dether highly attractive for anyone looking to add an innovative and practical ICO to their investment portfolio.

Dether is launching the DTR token (ÐTR) for early investors to become a part of its potentially huge program. Look out for their crowd sale, due in November 2017 and for Dether’s founders to promote their innovation at a place near you, as part of their promotional tour of Europe and Asia.

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