Are your company values getting through to job candidates?

Thousands of UK businesses could be missing out on hiring top talent by not doing enough to promote their company values to prospective candidates, research suggests.

LinkedIn’s global HR survey finds that sharing an organisation’s purpose and company values is now a deal-breaker for more than half of UK professionals (52 per cent) when considering accepting a job offer, and even more so for younger workers (56 per cent for 16-24 year olds).

Despite this, the report finds that only a minority of UK employers are currently promoting their organisation’s values or purpose when advertising roles or in interviews.

More than a third (36 per cent) of the HR and recruiting professionals surveyed say that their values are missing from their company’s website, while three quarters (77 per cent) don’t mention them on their LinkedIn company page.

The report also finds that many businesses are even failing to promote their purpose at the most crucial time – during the hiring process itself, with two thirds of employers (61 per cent) admitting that they don’t mention their organisation’s values when they interview candidates, and only a quarter (27 per cent) mentioning them in job ads.

The problem could stem from a knowledge gap; one in ten HR and recruiting professionals admit that they are unable to articulate their own company’s values in the first place. One in five respondents also claim that their company’s HR and marketing functions don’t work well together – or at all – to promote the company’s employer brand externally.

Dan Dackombe, director of LinkedIn Talent Solutions says, ‘UK companies risk falling into a values vacuum by not being clear on what they stand for or believe in. Today’s professionals are more informed and aware of the culture and purpose of potential employers, and are increasingly making career decisions based on these factors.

‘Simple things like making sure your company values are reflected in job ads, mentioned in interviews, and included on your LinkedIn company page can help employers get noticed and make the difference when it comes to winning the best talent.’

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Ben Lobel

Delphine Hintz

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