Creating a business uniform for the first time

Here are some of the considerations you should make when creating your first business uniform.

When starting a new business or expanding an existing business, one of the things you should consider is if you need a uniform, and why. To help you work through some of the considerations you should make when creating your first business uniform, Simon Jersey has put together this guide.

What tasks will they be doing?

Whether you’re an existing sole trader looking to expand, or a budding businessman looking to start your own company, the things you’ll need a uniform for will vary depending on the kind of business you are.

For example, if you’re expanding a small accounting-based business, you might choose to keep it casual and comfortable by letting the employee wear whatever they like, or you might prefer creating a sense of pride and professionalism with a long-sleeve shirt and colourful tie, black trousers, alongside a pair of leather brogues.

To give you a few pointers on what you could do for a uniform, read over the job description you’ve written. It could help you figure out the kind of look you want to create and what you need to provide to meet business needs.

Do you have health and safety requirements?

Some business types require you to provide certain things for a uniform. If you’re starting up a gardening business, for example, then providing durable high-visibility clothing, or thick fleeces and gloves, will help to keep your staff safe. If you’re starting a catering business, then safety shoes, and chef whites and aprons will be necessary to keep staff safe.

Whatever kind of business you operate, always ask yourself what I can provide to make sure my staff members stay safe. This is especially true if you’re adding a new service to your business, which may have new safety precautions to make.

Of course, if you’re an already established sole trader looking to hire a first staff member, it may well be easier to make any uniform considerations. You’ll already have considered the health and safety aspect of the job in protecting yourself, making it easier to plan what an additional hire will need to wear.

Making these health and safety considerations is also important to protect your business as well as your staff. Providing the right uniform will demonstrate that you’re taking all reasonable precautions to keep staff safe, whatever risks the job brings with it.

Safety and presentation combined?

In industries such as healthcare, for example, a uniform can easily become a source of branding, while also keeping staff safe by meeting health and safety requirements. Scrubs and tunics often come in a range of colours and styles, but are made to reduce infection risk and protect staff. This means you can create a unique image to present to clients, while also meeting any safety obligations.

As you start or expand your business, keeping your branding in mind throughout is important to help keep your business stuck in people’s minds, meaning they’re likely to remember your business and return. To help push that idea, consider getting your new uniform personalised with embroidery. Including your business name and the staff member’s name can help make your business feel more inviting, which is especially helpful in the early stages of a business’s growth.

There are a great deal of aspects to consider when it comes to taking the next step in your business and hiring staff members, but with careful consideration and preparation in advance, you’ll be ready to make the right choice and help take your business forward.

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