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Web designer

Average salary: £28,649 (Glassdoor)

What do I need? Computer, web design software/service, file-sharing software/service

As mentioned in the introduction, a slew of new businesses have started recently – and they need websites. This is where you come in. Though some web services offer drag and drop website builders, what’s missing is the personalisation that you could bring to each client’s website.

Be careful not to be wishy-washy with your business. Web designers have such a broad set of skills between the design side and the development side that it’s best to focus on your strengths and drive that when you’re doing any advertising or promotion. You could break down your niche further still and target certain sectors. If you were previously employed in a certain sector, it’ll be wise to go for that as you’ll have contacts to get you started.

Once you’ve got clients, stick closely to their brief while trying to look for opportunities to push their website forward. Suggest introducing interactive elements like games or quizzes; alternatively you can suggest ways to present large chunks of text and information in an interesting way.

Making sure you and the client are aligned during every step of the process is important too. How much you charge will depend on what work you’re doing for the client. According to DesignBox, an average freelancer would charge £25-£50 an hour or £200-£300 a day.

If you need any more convincing, it’s easy to do the work on a remote basis and you have more control over your hours.

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Anna Jordan

Anna is Senior Reporter, covering topics affecting SMEs such as grant funding, managing employees and the day-to-day running of a business.

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