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Argentina, along with a stormer of a football team and a love of tango, is a popular destination for digital nomads – partly because English is widely spoken in major cities.

Among Argentina’s varying terrains, visit the wineries in Mendoza or the Iguazu Falls or go touring the Quebrada de Humaca.

It’s full of quirky attractions. Head up to the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology, with exhibitions showcasing the ceremonies of the Andes high peaks.

Like South Africa, Argentina is home to an unusual penguin colony. They’ll be waddling around the Tierra del Fuego.

For something really different, hike across a glacier in the UNESCO World Heritage site, Los Glaciares National Park.

Find co-working spaces in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and San Juan. Ookla says the average internet speed is 62.98mbps so Argentina ranks 71st in the world.

Like the rest of south America, the food is hearty and delicious. Try empanadas, asado (what we’d call barbecue), milanesa (fried meat served in a sandwich), chimichurri (spicy herbal sauce), alfajor (jam or mousse sandwiched between shortbread biscuits) and dulce de leche (condensed milk pudding).

Here’s a snapshot of the cost of living:

  • Three course meal for two in a mid-range restaurant – $25 (£19.77)
  • 1 litre of regular milk – $0.83 (65p)
  • 500g loaf of fresh white bread – $1.13 (89p)
  • One way ticket on local transport – $0.21 (16p)
  • Basics for an 85m squared flat – $44.26 (£35)
  • Rent for one-bed flat in city centre – $260.94 (£206.39)


The digital nomad visa


Fees: Migration Fee UC 120.- Consular Fee UC 80.- Consular Units (UC) are paid in USD or Euros, as appropriate.

Length of stay: Up to six months

Can I extend my stay? Yes, up to an additional six months


  • CV
  • Employer reference
  • Passport
  • Valid medical insurance
  • Clean criminal record
  • Application note signed by the interested party, indicating: personal data, independent work activity/s to be carried out
  • Documentation proving the activity (contract, company guarantee or proof of application for labour demand, certifications or receipts of income or fees) and record at least one reference linked to your occupation

Minimum salary: None stated

How to apply: Online at https://www.argentina.gob.ar/servicio/tramitacion-de-ingreso-electronica-nomadas-digitales

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