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Digital nomad visas in Asia

Head to Asia on a digital nomad visa and spend time in Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia and more. Find out where your next destination will be

Asia is an enormous mix of different cultures, with rich wildlife and flavourful cuisines.  

According to Statista, Bangkok (Thailand) is the top remote working city destination worldwide. Thailand, meanwhile, was the second most-visited country by this group – five per cent of the digital nomad population have been there.  

Cost-of-living is a major draw for digital nomads. Asian countries with digital nomad schemes have cheaper living costs across the continent.

Fast, accessible internet is another attractive trait for digital nomads. Considering that the UAE, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines all outdo Great Britain on internet speed, you might be even more productive than you are at home!   

Check out these hotspots if you’re interested in getting a digital nomad visa, or visas, in Asia. Each post contains more information about what it’s like to live in that country as well as a sample of living costs from Numbeo and the aforementioned internet speed ranking, courtesy of Speedtest. We’ve also supplied basic information such as the name of the visa, how long you can stay and the requirements for your application. Find out more about each visa scheme by clicking through to the general info page listed below the heading or go directly to the application page.

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