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Taiwanese people love their food. Go to a night market and you’ll see – and nab a few treats yourself.

Try coffin bread, which is bread shaped like a coffin. It’s hollowed out and filled with a seafood chowder. While you’re there, try shaved ice and pigs’ blood cake.

In your spare time, go to a Taiwanese teahouse or the Beitou Hot Springs. Of course, exploring Green Mountains and going for a hike in Toroko National Park is a must. Pack your walking boots.

Like many other parts of Asia, the cost of living in Taiwan is low. Check out these prices:

  • Three-course meal for two at mid-range restaurant: 1,000 NTS (£25.57)
  • 1 litre of regular fresh milk: 95.16 NTS (£2.43)
  • 500g loaf fresh white bread: 61.13 NTS (£1.56)
  • One-way ticket on local transport: 20.00 NTS (51p)
  • Rent for one-bedroom flat in the city centre: 13,807.58 NTS (£353)

The Asian nation ranks an impressive #17 of 182 countries in internet speed test rating, so the connection. As you’d expect, there are a few co-working spaces in the capital, Taipei, to give you a break from your accommodation.

The digital nomad visa

Name of visa: Taiwan Employment Gold Card

Visa fee: £94-£145

Length of visa: One to three years

Can I extend my visa? Eligible for permanent residency after three years


Taiwan does not have a visa designed especially for digital nomads; what they do have is a Taiwan Employment Gold Card, which technically applies to digital nomads. However, it is more squarely aimed at entrepreneurs setting up businesses in Taiwan or those working for a Taiwanese company with a minimum salary of $64,000 (£53,069).

The Taiwan Employment Gold Card is a combined work permit, residence permit, and visa for skilled professionals and has been active since February 2018. With the Gold Card, you can stay in Taiwan for one to three years.

Gold card holders employed by Taiwanese companies for the first time can apply for a 50 per cent tax exemption on any salary over earned over NT$3m ($100,000) (£82,931).

Minimum salary: $64,000 (£53,069)

How to apply?

  1. Check that you qualify for the Taiwan Employment Gold Card
  2. Apply using the online portal here. Filling out the form and uploading documents takes about 15 minutes.
  3. The Taiwanese government says that a perfect application takes 30 days to be approved – however, if additional supporting documents are required, expect a timeframe of 50-60 days.
  4. After processing, you will receive an e-mail stating your passport has been inspected and the Gold Card application is ready to be collected at a National Immigration Agency Service Center in person.

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