Hiring a part-time or flexible CFO: A founder’s handbook

Learn when, why and how to hire the first CFO for your start-up to accelerate growth.

Hiring a CFO - guideHiring a CFO can be one of the most important people roles for your business – especially for start-ups and small businesses.

Frustratingly, finding and hiring a CFO can be expensive and very time-consuming. The average recruitment fees for a CFO are £30k, and over 30% of these hires don’t pass their probation.

This is where flexible work comes into its own. By sourcing a high-end finance talent on a part-time basis, you can get the expertise you need on a rate that doesn’t break the bank. A flexible solution allows you to really assess if a hire is the right fit while still accelerating quickly. With 50% of senior finance professionals wanting to work flexibly, there’s never been a broader pool of talent to choose from.

In this guide we outline what you should look for during interviews, how CFOs should contribute to your growth and whether to choose a full time or flexible hire for your business.

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