How to identify and attract top marketing leadership talent in 2021

What you’ll learn in this ebook:

• When you need to hire a Growth Marketer vs a CMO

• 4 non-negotiable attributes every marketing leader needs

• How to structure the job spec and interview questions

• Attracting the right candidate for your business needs

Senior marketers have a myriad of responsibilities – especially when it comes to scaling a business. Their role can span across team building, content, brand, user acquisition and analytics.

This makes finding the right person a challenge! The average salary for a CMO can be prohibitively high, clocking in at least £100,000 in London.

A flexible approach is a great solution for a rapidly growing start-up. By finding a part-time marketing expert you can cut out the upfront fees and broaden your talent pool accessing the experience you need to drive growth, without the budget constraints.