How to jumpstart your journey to the cloud

By 2020, a person living in a country with heavy mobile phone and Internet usage will have around 60 connected devices.

Customer expectations have changed. Your customers are now hyperconnected, across mobile and social in addition to non-digital channels, changing the way we do business. They’re more informed about products and services, they have more choices, and they’re empowered to seek their own answers to their problems. They’re looking for solutions and experiences that resonate with them personally, from the moment they learn about a company’s products and service, to transitioning into a customer and beyond. The pressure is on for companies to deliver on — and ultimately exceed — these expectations.

It’s a challenge, but it’s also an exciting opportunity. More than ever, businesses can harness the power of data to connect with each customer throughout the entire customer lifecycle. It’s just a matter of leveraging the right technology to help you get there. Keep reading to find out how on-premise legacy solutions are holding you back and why now’s the right time to move to the cloud.