The ultimate guide to payroll compliance

As your business grows, the time will come to consider taking on employees. When that step happens you need to start managing payroll for your small business.

Guide to payroll compliance

This is an important step as it will involve a host of new processes that you will have to manage or oversee.

Tax and compliance are two key areas that you need to consider when dealing with payroll, not to mention the fact you want to keep your employee(s) happy by paying them on time.

To help you with this new challenge, we have created The ultimate guide to payroll for small businesses.

The guide will help you as you make those first steps to implement a payroll software system within your business and it will assist you as you face a number of new challenges.

From taking on new employees to dealing with PAYE (pay as you earn) and understanding RTI (Real Time Information), this guide will put you in a position where you’re ready to manage your payroll with confidence.

The ultimate guide to payroll for small businesses has the following topics:

  • Building problem-free payroll
  • The basics of onboarding and paying employees
  • Processing payroll step-by-step
  • Payroll tax year end
  • Understanding payroll compliance
  • Options for small business payroll management
  • Choosing your solution