Employees feel KPIs are unattainable

We started introducing key performance indicators recently. Many of our employees easily surpass targets, but two individuals believe the targets are unattainable. What options do we have considering we believe the employees are not up to the job?

We are almost three months into 2014 and if you implemented key performance indicators (KPIs) at the beginning of the year then you should now begin to see the rewards. As you know KPIs should be tied in with business targets and set objectively. You should discuss with management and your employees targets set out for both the business and individuals; this will ensure that everyone feels included. Regular update meetings with staff should update them on how the business is doing, employees can then relate their performance with business growth.

With KPIs it is important that you regularly check that targets are being met, if it is a case that everyone is surpassing target then you may need to revise. You need to sit down with your employees and review their performance on a regular basis. For those that continually miss performance targets then you need ascertain why and look at whether further training is required, enquire to see if there is anything else you as an employer can do to help them meet target. If you feel they are not up to the job and you have provided them with sufficient help and assistance then you may need to follow your disciplinary procedures, however you need to ask yourself whether the targets set are fair or are they simply too difficult?

If it seems that a number of your employees are missing target then it’s certain that you will need to review KPI’s with a view to make them more attainable. Assuming that your targets are fair and that you have provided employees with training and enhancements to make them attainable then follow your disciplinary procedures if employees continually fail to miss their performance targets.

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