Employing part-time bar staff

I run a bar and employ four part-time staff. Two of them have full-time jobs. Do I need to issue them with a contract of employment and how does holiday pay work in this instance?

Every employee, irrespective of their hours of work are entitled to a statement of main particulars of employment (commonly, but incorrectly, referred to as a contract) after one month’s continuous employment and before two months’. (There are rules to allow the issue in two stages if you wish).

That statement should set out the entitlement to holidays and holiday pay. Part-timers should receive the same rate as full-timers but pro rata as to amount. Currently the statutory minimum paid annual leave is 5.6 weeks (as of April 2022).

This includes:

  • agency workers
  • workers with irregular hours
  • workers on zero-hours contracts

(This is for England and Wales. N.Ireland differs slightly as does Scotland.

Bank holidays can count in the total and statute, except in the case of agricultural workers covered by the Agricultural Wages Board, does not give a right to the bank holidays off.

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