Fire safety in the workplace

If you have staff in your office, you will need to know the correct fire safety procedure; here is everything you need to know.

Ensuring the safety of everyone in the workplace is vital and should be at the top of your list when it comes to evaluating your working environment. When procedures are ignored, there’s a high risk of causing injury and in the worst-case scenario, fatalities. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees, and anyone in the building, understand the procedures in place in the event of a fire.

Praxis42 brings you a few ways to ensure that your workplace is the safest it can possibly be against the risk of fire.

Identifying the risks

Although in the long-term fire-related fatalities are on a downward trend since 1990, when record taking began, it’s still increased on last year. According to the Home Office report for 2015/16, there was a 3 per cent rise in fires in non-dwelling buildings, whether accidental or intentional. It’s important not to become complacent and to be always on the look-out for risks that exist within your workplace.

You must conduct a Fire Risk Assessment of your workplace and if your business has five or more people then you must keep a written record of it. Ensure to identify any fire hazards and any people at risk within your business. Then evaluate the risks and remove them all while preparing an emergency plan, which should be reviewed regularly. Risks such as;

Blocked Fire Exits can cause fires and injury as people rush for the door. Keep them free of clutter or office equipment.
Flammable objects can catch fire if left out, keep them away from the dangers of sparks and ignitions by securing them in a storage room.

Poorly maintained electronics can malfunction and cause fires. Conduct safety tests regularly to avoid malfunctions, especially important in an office environment with a large amount of electronic devices.

If you’re worried about conducting the assessment then it’s advised to get help from experts such as Praxis42 who will conduct a fire risk assessment for you, in full compliance with fire safety laws.


Conducting a risk assessment isn’t the only way of ensuring your workplace is as safe as possible. Educating yourself and your employees of the risks of fire is essential to staying safe year-round.

This can often be a difficult task, especially in a small business that’s enjoying rapid growth and so free time is hard to come by. A day or two out of the office training can put real strain on small businesses. That’s where E-Learning is perfect, able to be done at any time and on the majority of devices.

It’s excellent for small businesses that require the training but can’t afford to send their staff on a course across the country for a day or two at a time. That way, your employees are educated to the risks, are able to learn at their own pace, and without being away from their desks or unable to respond to enquiries.


Repetition is key to staying aware of the risks you face at your workplace. Repetition of Fire Risks Assessments and e-Learning courses can be extremely effective in keeping you and your employees aware of your surroundings. Taking e-Learning courses every six to twelve months keeps your knowledge up-to-date and keeps the fire evacuation procedures fresh in your mind so that you’re much less likely to become confused as to what to do in the event of a fire.

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