Five benefits of printed cartons for packaging

Printed packaging is an effective way to communicate the appearance, quality and other qualities of a product. Sometimes, print design also helps establish the personality of the product and the brand.

A recent survey by Nielson suggests that 90% of consumers want their products in printed packages. This is the same for all collaterals related to sales and promotions. When packaging a product, be it food or FMCG, brands take a number of factors into consideration and one of the most crucial of it is print display on the packaging. If you have been looking for compelling packaging designs, here are some reasons why you should be considering printed cartons.

1. Tangibility

Printed materials leave the consumer with a very physical thing, soothing they don’t just feel but can also touch and explore. Unlike emails and digital materials that can right away be ignored, printed materials compel the audience to get curious and know more about the product. It does amount to coming up with a very attractive and compelling design, but one that is established, it is hard to look away!

2. Credibility

Compared to marketing emails that look preachy, printed cartons are safer to explore and users don’t have the risk of falling prey into spamming. Printed materials add credibility to the product they are associated with. This also offers companies and brands, a non-aggressive way to put forward their products and services.

3. Creating memories

Being a very physical material, printed cartons create memories and offer more brand retention than any other kind of promotional/marketing material. Brands can hope to establish a strong and unique brand identity with printed packaging. A constant visual helps solidify the band’s identity.

4. Targeting the audience

Visual marketing can be a very cool tool to reach out to targeted audience groups. For example, if a brand is trying to address the needs or capture the attention of a very young audience, bright printed materials can be a way to go about it. On the other hand, a more professional design attracts the attention of more serious audience. Using colors, fonts and designs, brands can help establish an identity, personality and reach out easily to its audience.

5. Better engagement

It is estimated that the average consumer will skim information for just about 15 seconds. If the information has been able to meet the needs of the end user, he/she goes on to read more. In most cases, he/she will however, move on to the next alternative. Printed information, such as in printed cartons, get 30% more attention, provided that they have been designed and presented right. Further, printed materials also encourage more customer retention and thus help the brand retain business. This goes on to establish brand loyalty.

Printed packaging offers an endless number of opportunities and brands can hope to come up with very personalized pieces that directly communicate with individual customers. Integration is definitely the key to come up with a well-planned marketing strategy but printed packaging certainly does add to the advantages.

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Jonathan Sumner

Jon Sumner

Jonathan was the Director of Digital & Social Media at Bonhill Group plc until 2020 before moving on to become Chief Digital Officer at GRC World Forums.

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