Five ways new businesses can benefit from Artificial Intelligence

With technology becoming more and more advanced in modern businesses, companies need to catch up with the trends. Here are five ways Artificial Intelligence can benefit your business

Artificial Intelligence is creating a revolution in almost every sector, and the traditional industries are being rewritten in the wave. The shape and structure of most of the industries are changing very rapidly by the integration of AI. Different business functions in a company use the technology revolution in varying extents.

From mining sector to the aviation industry, from finance to recruitment, the technology brings a number of characteristic features making it unique. AI found to produce quicker and more efficient results across business functions and offers greater business insights that help entrepreneurs to run their business more accurately predicted and result-oriented.

When it comes to new businesses, they face a number of challenges, which become crucial in their survival. Most of the startups are just an idea, and things get structured around it at different intervals. They need the quickest route to the market success as a large majority of new businesses do not have time, funds, and resources to wait for long and ensure the success of the venture.

This is where the new businesses can make use of the AI technology in their various efforts to reach their goal. Here is a number of ways new businesses can use the power of the technology to make their ventures a grand success.

Improved customer engagement

Customer engagement and customer experience are two terms that are widely discussed in today’s business environment. Several studies showed that the customer experience is going to be the single biggest differentiator in deciding the verdict of businesses from 2020. Together with customer service, it produces greater customer engagement. Improved customer engagement has the power to add more revenue per customer and offers greater loyalty.

The AI-based system helps businesses to improve customer engagement in four ways. It deciphers customer needs better, helps marketers to come up with more personalised campaigns, identifies customer purchasing patterns, and enhance customer service departments to provide relevant offers and actions.

Hassle-free branding

Branding became an integral part of the modern-day business, and there is no option for new businesses to leave it. Every new business should reach the minds of its targeted customers with some uniqueness. All the aspects of branding including brand name, the logo of the brand, website design, social media presence including its consistency, and more deeply influence the potential customers in their decision.

Earlier branding was not affordable to companies with a limited budget, and they were ignoring it. But, the emergence of AI has changed the way branding operations work and made is highly affordable for every business. AI-based branding for small businesses is one of the finest examples of how businesses can utilise the technology efficiently.

Efficient online campaigning

When people are going online, traditional marketing is increasingly replaced by online campaigning. Be it searching engine marketing, email marketing, or social media marketing, AI-based tools are making the jobs of campaigners easier, efficient, and highly affordable. It is already identified that AI is going to make sweeping changes in the digital marketing industry in the coming years.

Currently, AI offers personalised user experience, provides predictive marketing with more assured results, optimised PPC advertising with the technology, content creation powered by the technology, intelligent content curation for Email marketing, and more. Additionally, the AI-based analytical tools enhance the effectiveness of various campaigns with better insights and data-driven results.

Smart customer service solutions

Efficient customer service plays an important role in creating a long-term business relationship with customers. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way customer service departments of businesses work.

A large majority of companies have started deploying AI-powered virtual assistants to take care of customers with answers on their queries. Considering the acceptance of AI-based catboats by customers and their preference to go for self-service give a greater opportunity of AI-based solutions in the sector.

When it comes to business perspective, businesses get the benefit of cutting short the expenses for customer service while customers get an enhanced experience. An IBM Study showed that the AI-enabled customer service options are expected to create an environment in future where the system is working to resolve issues before they arise.

Better business insights based on data

Using data for business decisions and strategies is a trend visible across industries. Combining with AI, it provides highly valuable business inputs and insights that can help all the areas of business and make it more productive and cost-effective. This helps the businesses to produce intelligent CRMs by compiling information from different channels. The users of it can understand the characteristics of the current customers as well as future customers and make lead generation much easier with individualised strategies.

There are several other areas the technology combination can be effectively be utilised to derive conclusions including market data and composition, insights from surveys, product movement pattern, and more. Insights based on AI-driven data will rule the businesses in the coming years.


Innovation was always a key differentiator in entrepreneurship and gave greater rewards whoever grabbed it first. AI is a huge revolution that has the power to make radical changes in the way businesses operate, and the decision to use its application is no longer a choice but became a necessity for survival.

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