Free advice for London businesses

Business Link for London has launched a campaign to offer free advice to businesses based across London boroughs.

The scheme is available for businesses with less than 5 employees. The following areas are being targeted: business advice, finance, marketing and business planning and how local support can help address the issues.

Businesses will be able to contact Business Link for London by telephone to set up a free diagnostic session to pinpoint opportunities open to their business that they may be missing.

These sessions will be provided through local Enterprise Support Organisations, part of the London Business Support Network, which offers professional support and guidance to local businesses by experienced advisers across London boroughs.

“The New Year is a natural time for businesses to review their operations and look forward. Many small companies get so involved in the day-to-day running of a business that it is good for them to take a step back, assess how they can improve and be reminded that help is available to them,” comments Barry Franklin, a business adviser for Business Link for London.

For further details of the scheme, call Business Link for London on 0845 6000 787 or visit

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