FSB: Help small businesses access recycling services

Nine out of ten businesses would recycle more if they had access to better facilities, research from the Federation of Small Businesses finds.

The lobbying group is calling on the government to ensure that it has the needs of small businesses at the heart of its Waste Review due next week.

Small firms know that minimising waste makes business sense as well as benefiting the environment, says the FSB.

However, the organisation adds that lower turnover companies find it extremely difficult to access suitable waste and recycling services as many local authorities do not offer these services to businesses. And due to the small volumes of waste they produce, small firms cannot attract the services of waste management companies either.

In a new report, ‘The Waste Review – the small business case’, the FSB highlights some simple steps the government can take to resolve small businesses’ lack of access to suitable waste and recycling services and infrastructure.

The lobbying group is calling on the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) to allow small businesses to use Household Waste and Recycling Centres in their areas as this could be implemented quickly and would provide small firms with greater access to waste and recycling services.

The organisation also calls on DEFRA to use the planning system to ensure there is adequate storage space in new and refurbished commercial premises for storing waste.

Environment committee chairman for the FSB David Caro says, ‘Small businesses are keen to do their bit for the environment but need to have access to the right facilities available locally. Many small firms produce a similar amount of waste to that of a household, yet they cannot use the same facilities and often find that they are at the mercy of an uncompetitive waste and recycling market.

‘Giving small firms access to household waste and recycling centres would be a quick win that would make the lives of so many small businesses easier when it comes to managing their waste responsibly.’

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