8 key ways to generate PR for your small business

Simran Ghata-Aura, media relations officer at Journolink, reveals eight ways to generate PR for your business.

It’s important to generate PR for your business and once you break it down, it becomes much less daunting.

Take note of these eight handy tips to help you get your company’s name out there.

Getting and showcasing coverage

Media coverage is one of the best ways to generate good PR. When your business has been written about by a reputable and well-known source, then those positive attributes are key for generating positive PR and establishing some level of trust with new and existing audiences.

Make sure you’re actively replying to media requests or speaking to journalists about forward / regular features. Getting coverage and showcasing this is an excellent way to help promote your business name.

Social media

Social media is a key asset to your business. This is where you’ll be able to show your business to the mass audience as well be able to quickly respond and act on any negative feedback and criticisms of your business.

Websites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are great for sharing news and content. It’s an especially great way for you to keep an eye on competitors as well as become knowledgeable about what is going on in your industry sector.

Respond to #journorequest

#journorequest is a great hashtag on Twitter for businesses to follow. This is where journalists, bloggers and broadcasters will tweet out requests seeking expert commentators. Remember that you are an expert in your industry, so if a request in any way applies to you, make sure to – this is a strong way to obtain media coverage.

Press releases

Press releases are where you can showcase anything important of special your business is doing – it could be starting a new partnership, hiring a new executive or supporting a good cause. The doesn’t have to be very long – around 300 words is more than fine – and if journalists are interested enough then it could lead to some good coverage for your business.

Calendar events and promotions

Make sure you’re keeping an eye out on any calendar dates in your industry sector and talking about these on your social media, as well as incorporating promotions around these.

If you own a farming business for example, World Bee Day may be relevant for you to talk about on social media. It’s also an opportunity for you to create promotions on bee-related products like honey. Calendar dates are key for making your business relevant to a wider audience.


Networking is a great way to speak to and collaborate or partner with other businesses. This helps you reach audiences other than your own. Meeting new people gives you the opportunity to form relationships, which then gives you scope to help one another out with business opportunities.

The all-too-known phrase “it’s about who you know” heavily applies here.

Viral marketing

Creating a marketing campaign or video that goes viral is a great way to generate PR for your business. In the past, some businesses have chosen to create viral videos through pranks, challenges and even through flash dances. Your brand name can quickly reach a more global audience by doing this.

Going to – and creating – your own events

Attending and creating your own events is an excellent way to learn and showcase any industry knowledge. You are an expert in your field, and creating your own events helps to solidify this.

Your attendees will most likely be posting about your event on social media, which is a fantastic way to ultimately get your business talked about and secure social media coverage. As well as creating your own events, make sure to go to events, network and post on social media about this. It’s a great way to improve your own industry knowledge – you can never stop learning.

Simran Ghata-Aura is the media relations officer at Journolink.

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Simran Ghata-Aura is the media relations officer at Journolink.

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