Get the best deals for late Christmas gifts

Christmas is almost here and every year we see two kinds of people: those who prepare in advance months ahead and those who buy their gifts in the last minute.

If you are a part of the second category you probably did not even start looking for presents. Luckily for you, we are here to help.

You should know that even if you did not prepare, you can still find the perfect presents for your loved ones. Here are some ideas that should help you:

Make your gifts at home

If you want to give something that is both memorable and personal, a good solution would be to do it yourself. Obviously, this might not work if you are lacking the skill, but chances are that everyone will appreciate the thought behind it.

As a bonus, DIY gifts aren’t expensive and you only need to buy some supplies for them. If you are lacking inspiration you can always find some ideas online and Pinterest can be really helpful.


If your loved ones love electronics, buying some gadgets or phone accessories is one of the best alternatives. MyTrendyPhone has everything you need and the good thing is that you can find something for every age.

Older people could appreciate a Bluetooth keyboard for their touchscreen devices, and teenagers would like to receive a new game controller or a selfie stick. Meanwhile, photo enthusiasts might appreciate a cute new camera such as the Instax Mini one.

Apple last-minute gifts

If you want to get something a bit more expensive you can always take a look at Apple products. Everyone loves Apple so you can’t go wrong with it.

Luckily for you, Apple is also taking care of last-minute buyers and all in-stock items ordered by 3 p.m. December 22 get free next-day delivery, and also in-store pickup on most items in just an hour.


Groupon is also a viable option and it is less expensive than the high tech Apple products. If you cannot afford something that is a bit pricier you can always find some good discounts on Groupon and they are available for a wide range of products, from food and drinks to other kinds of services.

With Groupon you can find numerous location-based gifts and by printing out your Groupon you will have an instant gift right away.


Amazon has everything you need, from A to Z, just like its logo suggests. Additionally, Prime members have certain advantages so you can sign up for a free trial as well. This way you will free two-day shipping on all sort of products.

The good thing about Amazon is that you can find something for anyone since its products are really diverse.

You can get toys for the little ones, smart gadgets for tech enthusiasts, or you can simply pick a gift card. Also, with Amazon, you won’t have to deal with the crowded stores and you can find a gift from the comfort of your own home.

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