How company checks can help small businesses

We look at why comprehensive market research is within the reach of small companies.

No company is an island: in order to build a flourishing business environment it is vital to think of all the forces acting around your company and realise how they shape and influence all of your everyday tasks.

Starting from suppliers and going all the way to your customers, a good perception of the companies you do business with is an essential starting point for the development of any sound business relationship over time.

Company checks online

While market research procedures are easier for companies with a solid background and wider market knowledge, smaller start-ups and young private investors alike will at times find it hard to invest a substantial part of their initial budget on research projects.

But with many company checks currently available for free online, initial restraints can easily be turned around and some attentive checks will get you a long way in getting to know more about UK-based companies. Services like Duedil for instance, rely on a database of more than eight million company profiles, with data going back as far as 20 years.

Accounting information of every registered company can be checked just after a quick initial registration: information, history, litigations and frauds in which a company has been involved are all there to help you develop an understanding of who is best to do business with. With such services immediacy is everything, and the data is available in very straightforward and manageable forms: PDF files with financial information are here freely accessible; something that in Duedil’s case translates into 800,000 monthly document downloads.

Online resources will replace traditional research

Web check services are also particularly useful for investors, who can keep track of companies they’re interested in, and may help them guess the markets developments, such as future takeovers and eventual troubles issues of different companies. What’s more, group graphs about shareholders and a company’s investments, also available on web check services, are another way to understand driving forces in the market and get to grasps quickly with market complexities without wasting time on costly traditional research.

Such resources are also rapidly changing the way business is done: with so much information combined on a single platform, researching companies through a range of traditional media may soon become obsolete. Hardly will any slower, manual processes incorporate the depth, the quality and the immediacy of these new, free online services.

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