How to protect your assets

With three-quarters of businesses the victims of IT systems security breaches, the DTI has produced a free guide to help protect private and sensitive information from prying eyes.

The proliferation of the internet and other interconnected information systems means that a great deal of important data is at risk of being viewed or tampered with by unwelcome parties. A variety of guidelines and legislation are in place to encourage and enforce a so-called culture of security that all businesses need to be aware of.

And it’s not just electronic data that needs protecting, paper records and even the intellectual property existing inside people’s heads must be defended against interference.

The guide, Information Security: Protecting Your Business Assets, is part of the DTI’s best practice campaign and aims to help small businesses protect information and control who can access it.

The bulk of the guide is concerned with the handling and storage of electronic and physical information, backing it up and disposing of it when appropriate. Also covered are ways of sharing information with third parties, planning or upgrading to a new system and using mobile phones, laptops and other devices away from the workplace.

The final section of the booklet reveals methods of integrating information protection into a whole organisation, with emphasis on security awareness and implementing policies, standards and procedures.

To access the guide click here. There is also a Security Health Check available on the site to help assess security systems.

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