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Latimer by M&S – Seventies retro

Latimer office chair by M&S, price £199. An affordable 1970s-style chair from Marks & Spencer with appealing grey leatherette retro look.

Who knew that M&S, home of, let’s face it, slightly frumpy fashion and purveyor of knickers to the nation, sold such on-trend office furniture?

The Latimer office chair has a Seventies retro feel that combines a classy look and a strikingly still contemporary design that immediately freshens up your computer desk or office space.

Available in several colours to suit all types of interior décor, the Latimer has a strong and sturdy metal base for extra durability.

This classy computer chair boasts a look of pure luxury, which belies its affordable £199 price tag – the second-cheapest in our selection — effortlessly adding a brand-new layer of sophistication to your work or living space.

Price: £199

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Tim Adler

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