New year’s logistics resolutions for small businesses

Jonathan Smith shares his thoughts on resolutions for small business owners regarding their relationship with logistics providers in 2017.

The new year will present SMEs with new opportunities despite post-referendum uncertainty. More than ever, SMEs will need the support of their delivery provider and should commit to these three New Year resolutions for 2017:

1. Challenge your delivery provider; don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions

SMEs need services that work for them – keep key questions front of mind when you’re talking through options such as; what do you do when a delivery can’t be made to an address? How do I speak to a person when I want and need to? What is your service like outside larger population areas? What are you doing for me and my business?

2. Provide consumers with the choices they really want

In 2017, SMEs should look to extend their customers’ choice and control. Take time to refresh your delivery services – they should always reflect and anticipate your customers’ needs. There has been considerable growth in the desire for click-and-collect solutions, such as delivery into lockers. Discuss options with your delivery provider – your account manager should be more than happy to explore opportunities to increase options for your customers.

3. Be bold – see the opportunities in export and Brexit

Yes, 2017 is going to bring further economic uncertainty, but SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy. SMEs must actively seek out the opportunities for growth and export in a post-Brexit world. Make it a priority to unlock opportunities in new markets by seeking out trusted service providers who don’t over complicate solutions and keep your customers at heart.

Jonathan Smith is CEO of APC Overnight

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