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Here, we take a look at what British small businesses can do this year to take advantage of their office space.

With the ever-growing population, saving space has become a big issue everywhere. Whether it is your home or office, creating more space around in your working environment will bring a number of benefits. When thinking about how to best utilise your office space, it’s important that you manage the space with the aim of increasing your overall productivity and functionality.

Design your office space

When you design your office space, it is crucial that you keep the space of each employee in mind, depending on their to their location and designation to specific teams. Moreover, it’s also important that employees should utilise their workspace efficiently and productively. Therefore, it is vital that you design the space in such a way that it allows your workers to complete their tasks freely, in order to increase their productivity and output.

Not only that, but by using their space more efficiently, they’ll find work patterns and set routines for regular inclusions in their weekly schedule. In order to do this, workers can make use of some handy space saving tips to effectively utilise their limited space.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the ways you can save your workspace to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Have shared work environments

In the past, every employee had their own private space to work in, especially directors and the management team. These days, though, the entire concept has changed and given rise to the concept of shared workspaces has come into existence. This means that rather than having a separate or a special working space for managers, you can have them seated side-by-side with other employees.

As a result, it has shown a remarkable progress in the interaction between the workers and the management – it brings them closer together. Moreover, it also allows the managers to have a close look at the work of their staff to ensure that the delivery of the service/product is the best it possibly can be. It will also make it easier for the management team to make the important decisions related to work or the employees, as they can have informal conversations about work-related issues.

Make less use of paper

In this digital era of smartphones and tablets, the use of paper has decreased dramatically. Consequently, the knock on effect of this is that there is much less paper used in office spaces than before, since most of the workforce will be working on personal computers or laptops. All data and documents can be saved on a digital devices so as to save having to use paper. As a result, it will save your desk space, which might get over utilised if you have a huge pile of paper sat there.

Declutter your space

As an employee, it is very important that you should have enough space for carrying out your office tasks effectively. For this, it is crucial that you do not keep unnecessary things on your desk. Remove all those stuff which are not needed by you in your routine tasks. For example, you can keep your stationery items either in your drawer or have a stand to hold them for your use.

Go for stand-up meetings

Another way of saving your office space is to have stand-up meetings, rather than going for long meetings in the conference rooms. When you have short meetings, you do not need more space to accommodate the staff for the seating arrangement and it will not only save your space, but it will also save your resources and time.

Speaking about saving office space, being an employee, you can have your monitors placed on an adjustable arm. As a result, you will be able to easily move your monitor in the direction you want, on your desk. You can effectively utilise the space for doing other tasks like writing or placing anything important when you adjust your monitor’s position.

Label your cables

When you have to work on monitors or computers, you will frequently have to deal with lots of different types of cables. In a small space, though, it can become difficult to identify the right cable when you want to plug or unplug it for a specific purpose. Therefore, you should label all the important and relevant cables, which will make it easy for you to perform your task and identify which is which. Moreover, it will also save your time, which would go in search for the right cable.

Hopefully, these points will help you to manage your office space to help your staff work more efficiently and productively, but if you’re still lacking in inspiration, then why not visit Egan Reid to get some of the most innovative space-saving ideas for your office.

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