Outdated management styles ’cause workers to quit’

Almost half of employees who resign from their jobs do so because they disagree with their firm's management style, according to BT Business.

Research carried out by the organisation reveals 42 per cent of people left their jobs because managers used outdated methods such as ‘presenteeism‘, where employees’ efforts are constantly supervised by their seniors.

In addition, 25 per cent of respondents say that the use of these management styles is unhelpful and does not encourage them in their career development and prospects.

Robin Mackenzie, marketing director of BT Business, comments: ‘Things have to become much more collaborative and trusting and managers then have to trust their people to then deliver on the things that they’re there to do.’

The organisation recommends that supervisors learn to concentrate on the outcome of an employee’s work, not the processes they use to achieve it, in order to reduce the amount of monitoring or micro-managing they perceive is needed.

Last month, BT Business research revealed just one in ten UK firms trust their staff to work away from the office, despite two-fifths of employees believing this would make them more productive.

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