Five tips for your PR strategy in December

Here, Simran Ghata-Aura of Journolink shares five tips to help you plan your PR strategy in December.

December is both the most and least busy month of the year, so it’s best to plan your PR strategy in advance.

If you know what to do then you’ll be busy working until the very last day of the year, and if you don’t then it can easily turn into a wasted month.

Here are five top tips for your PR strategy in December.

Incorporate key events and holiday themes within your content

December is a great month for businesses to maximise the holiday season. If it’s business-appropriate, try to incorporate festive and winter themes into your business’ content. This will not only help you stay relevant to the season, but will also help you draw attention to the mass audience that will be seeking this content.

Keep your marketing winter-themed if you can

Don’t stop producing content

There is a heavy assumption that people engage less with businesses in December. In fact, people tend to use social media more frequently in December. As long as your business stays relevant to the festive season, there will be a lot of opportunities to engage with your target audience.

It’s also a good idea to plan posts ahead and utilise platforms like Hootsuite and Recurpost which allow you to create and schedule social media posts.

Try to avoid any major announcements until after December

December is the busiest month of the year and unless your announcement is December-specific, try to avoid any announcements and instead consider talking about these the prior or proceeding months.

Many journalists would have pre-planned their posts, so if you’re looking for new business coverage during December, then be wary of this. That said, it’s still worth pitching December and festive content as it is likely to be better-received.

Evaluate your end-of-year performance

How has your business done over the course of the year? December, being the last month of the year, is the perfect time to evaluate your business’ performance in 2018. It’s a crucial step for your business and in doing so, this allows you to gather data.

“December is the perfect time to evaluate your business’ performance in 2018”

Plan ahead

Following on from the previous step, make sure you plan ahead for 2019. December is a great time to think about your targets for the New Year.

You’ve been able to work out what has worked and what has not worked in your business model this year; now make a plan for 2019. There are many things you need to make sure to prepare and plan for in advance, for instance any major business developments or key events/ dates that would directly correlate to your business.

First impressions may suggest that December is a dull month, but if you take these five tips into consideration, then it is anything but dull. Just make sure you keep motivated and strategise your PR to its full potential.

Simran Ghata-Aura is media relations assistant at JournoLink.

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Simran Ghata-Aura is the media relations officer at Journolink.

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