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In our latest digital guide, in association with PolicyBee, we speak to small businesses that were hit by malware and reveal how to navigate the road to cyber recovery.

In our Small Business Essentials series, we bring you digital guides focused on the most pressing issues facing small companies today.

Cybercrime is one such topic. Today, the average cost of a cyber-attack on a small business is an eye-watering £25,736.  That’s a drop in the ocean to a large multinational corporation, but it’s a potentially business-threatening amount of money to an SME, micro-business or sole trader.

In our new guide, we speak to a series of businesses that were hit by malware. From ransomware to attacks on SEO rankings, these breaches significantly compromised the operations of the companies involved.

No matter how prepared for a cyber-attack you are, having to deal with the consequences of one is expensive and time-consuming. And with the likelihood of succumbing to a hack, security breach or ransomware attack increasing day by day, making sure your business can recover if the worst happens should be top of your to-do list.

Cyber liability insurance helps you get back on your feet. It covers the cost of repairing, replacing and restoring systems, websites and data following a breach or hack. It also covers the legal costs of telling regulators and customers what’s happened, and pays for reputation-saving PR help to limit the damage. Most importantly, it covers your lost revenue if a cyber-attack stops you trading.

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