Rising Star: Karin Ridges

Karin Ridges founded Mad Promotions, a PR company for ethical businesses, back in 2005.

Since then she has started internet TV company Veggie Vision.

What inspired you to start a business?

I had been working in PR for around 15 years and just decided to make a go of it one day. I was involved with lots of ethical organisations for a long time, so it was a natural move for me.

Where did you get the funding?

I didn’t need any initially, as I already had everything set up from doing PR work. Although I did have some personal savings to keep me afloat after quitting my full-time job. Because I already had a lot of contacts the business quickly became self-funding.

How have you marketed yourself?

It’s mainly been through word of mouth. I’ve been doing promotional work for ethical companies for years, so I already knew a lot of people. We’re still in the process of getting the TV company off the ground, as it takes a bit more time.

What have you learnt from going it alone?

More in the last four years than I have in the rest of my working life. But if there is one thing that I now know it is not to be slow in chasing up late payments. I’m sad to say I have had a few clients stab me in the back over the years.

Where do you want your business to go?

I really want to continue to build up my client base, but I’d also like to grow my internet TV company at the same time.

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