Why roller banners are an essential marketing tool

Here, we learn why roll-up banners are an essential marketing tool for small businesses.

Roller banners are an essential marketing tool that many companies use as a promotion element because of their versatility and possibilities. In comparison to other tools, roll-up banners have the advantage that they adapt to all situations, are mobile, are durable and cost-effective and can be printed with a custom message.

They are an essential marketing tool for small business. Roller banners can be used in many occasions to help spread a business message, for example in events where they help give visibility to the company stand and promote the commercial message the brand wants to highlight. Banners easily attract the attention from visitors.

Nowadays roll-ups can be ordered online, where many providers offer options to personalise the design and deliver them in a few days. This way, in a comfortable, economical and simple way a company can get roller banners and start using them as soon as they are received.

Elements to design an effective roller banner

As mentioned before, a roll-up banner is a practical marketing tool to get a business message across, which has proven its affectability over and over again. It is an instrument that can address (potential) customers on different occasions and various places. When designing the banner, it is important to keep in minds what commercial message it should communicate and how it can help meet the company objectives. What elements should be included in the roll-up to make it as effective as possible?

Communicate a clear message

It is important the roller banner delivers a powerful message. The company slogan can be used for example. Or a specific catch phrase for a special occasion can be printed on it. Just make sure it is easy and quickly to read and gets peoples interest. And that the roller banner focuses on one main message. Too many messages are only confusing, make the banner too busy and get visitors confused what a company wants to communicate.

Include elements that differentiate from competitors

At an event visitors can be overwhelmed with all the different companies that offer the same product or service. They can all look the same from a distance. So it is important to differentiate one from its competition. Elements that help a company stand out can be included on the roller banner. Free shipping, lower prices, exclusive services, unique products; all elements that can be communicated on the banner.

Use a simple design

It is important how the message is presented on the banner. It can be fun to make a design using different fonts, letters and images. But often just a few elements will do, to make sure the roller banner doesn´t get overcrowded. Bear in mind there is not too much going on, so the main message is clear for passers-by. Less is often more.

Company information is a plus

A business can include key information about the company like a website or contact number on the roller banner. This way, someone who takes a photo of the banner can always contact the company on a later moment. A roll-up banner gets the function of a business card.

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Ben Lobel

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