Should small businesses outsource their payroll management?

Here are the main points to consider if you're looking to outsource payroll for your small business

Today, several businesses are receiving services from other companies on topics that are not in their area of expertise. In this case, which we define as an outsource service, it is possible to receive the most professional service for your specific needs if you cannot perform on your own or prefer to assign it to a more experienced party. That is why many corporations choose to outsource some of their operations. Payroll is one of them.

In fact, a company may start receiving outsource payroll services for several reasons. For example, there are many significant benefits of outsourcing payroll systems for large companies. The more employees working in the business, the more complicated the payroll becomes and the higher the burden falls to HR employees. If you outsource the payroll service, you are not just outsourcing payroll preparation. The service also provides you with resources such as leave and absence monitoring, entrances, and exit transactions. For this purpose, payroll services provide large-scale companies with savings of time and effort.

For small companies and start-ups, outsourcing payroll services has numerous benefits. Imagine a business that was founded a year or two ago and employing around ten people. There is no human resources division yet. The owners do not have a deep understanding of wage payments, legislative benefits, taxation, and regulations. These conditions are susceptible to making mistakes and can subject businesses to substantial fines in their early years. Small businesses and modern enterprises, therefore, get rid of their workload by contracting their payroll services and shifting legal responsibility to the organisation in which they receive payroll services.

However, there is now also a payroll software market that can run on its own and needs relatively little technical knowledge. And many HR operations and legal transactions can be carried out using the same programme. In other words, instead of paying a large fee directly through outsourcing a payroll firm, it is possible to manage the payroll operations of a small start-up by buying software.

So, how do you choose the most convenient payroll service among numerous payroll service providers? Here are some features that you may want to keep in mind.
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Privacy of data

  • All payroll providers provide a broad range of services – payroll processing, filing and paying payroll taxes, reports, mobile connectivity, integrations and others. Never neglect the protection of payroll data for something else.
  • Be mindful of the payroll service provider’s past – any lack of detail or previous reference works can certainly cause you to give up on that vendor.

Data security and data access

  • Information Protection and Payroll are two sides of a coin, whether in-house or subcontracted. More care and attention is needed when the data of the employees is in the hands of third parties.
  • Learn how the payroll service secures information and confidentiality. Ask how the provider has been able to avoid data attacks in the past. Learn what steps they use to retrieve the data when needed.

Employee self service features

  • Paper-based payroll has now completely moved to an evolved digital model. Check if the software enables your employees to see their payroll documents.
  • Choose a payroll service that provides the Employee Self Service (ESS) plan. This makes a simple link between workers and their payroll and creates a more digital company culture.
  • Free payroll trial, if applicable, will be most appropriate as it is providing you experience beforehand.

Customer support provided by the software company

  • A payroll service provider can cause a call for any payroll/tax failure in your business. Therefore, you need to find a payroll service that will give you quick customer support and solve your problems.

Pricing and costs

  • A reasonably priced payroll service that performs the work hassle-free is the worth of your money. As the owner of a small enterprise, ‘How much?’ is actually a priority when considering a payroll service. Be aware of secret fees and the exact pricing method until you settle on a payroll service. For example, if you have freelance employees or you need to pay for consultants on an irregular basis, then your software plan should be flexible to meet this need. has teamed up with Intuit Quickbooks to help you find the right Payroll software for your business. To find out more about getting your payroll and business finances all in one place, click here

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