Utilising Skype room systems with Logitech SmartDock

Businesses looking to collaborate with partners across the globe can use apps like Skype to easily communicate, anywhere in the world.

Skype for Business is an indispensable tool that allows us to collaborate instantly with people around the office and the globe instantly. Used in a huge range of industries, Skype for Business is vital to everyday operations for a lot of companies allowing them to unify their communications around an easy to use tool.

In 2016, Logitech partnered up with Microsoft to bring us the SmartDock, which is designed to be used with Skype for Business. Designed specifically to make using Skype for Business even easier to use in meeting rooms around the country, turning it into a centralised communications hub.

Viju take a look at what Logitech are doing to improve communication in the workplace and how the SmartDock helps.

The SmartDock

The Logitech SmartDock is an AV Control Console, allowing revolutionary collaboration using Skype for Business. With a one-touch join, setup couldn’t be easier, an extremely useful feature especially when meetings can be called with little notice. Less time setting up your meeting and more focus towards collaborating means for a better experience all around.

Providing support for dual HDMI displays’, three USB 3.1 ports and Gigabit Ethernet, enabling endless options for your meetings and huddle rooms. Along with a power-saving sensor that automatically switches off when nobody is in the room, it leaves you safe in the knowledge that resources aren’t needlessly wasted.

With Skype for Business it allows for 1080p 60fps input and capture, making meetings that much clearer. When you have users all around the world joining you, having the means to capture everything in high definition means communication doesn’t get affected.

Since it’s integrated with Skype for Business and the Surface Pro 4 from the get-go, user adoption will be so much quicker, with Skype for Business so critical in businesses today.

Logitech MeetUp

Logitech have just announced a new conference cam offering, Logitech MeetUp, specifically made for huddle rooms and small conference rooms. It has a 120-degree field of view with acoustics custom-tuned for huddle rooms, compacted so there’s nothing getting in the way of the limited space you’ll have in a huddle room. With three sound-isolating microphones and a voice-optimised speaker it helps ensure that everyone can contribute to the meeting clearly.

A large majority of competing devices have simply just made their devices smaller to adjust to the rise in popularity of huddle rooms but that often reduces the quality of the experience. With Logitech MeetUp, huddle rooms are at the basis of the design, purpose-built for a better user experience and unique video and audio requirements such as user accessibility and making sure each user is heard and seen.

MeetUp is designed to be used along with nearly all software applications such as Skype for Business and Cisco collaboration applications.

If you’re a start-up or you’re looking to change up your work environment to cater for the rise of huddle rooms in our daily lives, make sure you consider Logitech MeetUp so that you can utilise Skype for Business to it’s full extent.

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