1. The draw 

1.1 The draw is run by Small Business on behalf of Stubben Edge Group Ltd (company no. 07227141) whose registered office is: Fourth Floor, 77 Cornhhill, London, EC3V 3QQ.   

1.2 All active members of Business Essentials and Small Business Pro will be entered into a monthly prize draw. 

1.3 One (1) company shall win per monthly draw (“Winner”). 

1.4 The Winners will be randomly selected each month. 

1.5 Winners will be notified personally on the 10th of each month (for the previous month’s draw) or as soon as practicable either before or after this date. 

1.6 Businesses cannot win more than once per calendar year. 

2. The prize 

2.1 The prize for each draw is a cash prize of £2,500 (“Prize”). 

2.2 The Prize will be paid into the Winner’s bank account provided by you by no later than 30 days from the point at which the Winner has been announced. 

2.3 The Winner must provide correct bank details and sufficient information as per eligibility criteria, as required by us to ensure payment is made. 

2.4 You will be responsible for, and will account to the appropriate authorities for, all tax liabilities or similar contributions payable in respect of the prize and we take no responsibility for such tax liabilities. 

3. Winner publicity 

3.1 If you are the Winner, you accept and agree that we have the right, without additional payment or permission, to use your name, company name, logo, submission details, and address for the purposes of announcing the winner of the Draw and for all related promotional purposes. All data will be kept in accordance with our terms and conditions including without limitation our Data Protection Policy. 

3.2 You acknowledge that if you are selected as the Winner your name, your image, your business idea, your intellectual property, your company and your business may be used in publicity. You agree by accepting the Prize to make yourself available to us for this purpose upon reasonably written notice and to make yourself available for a promotional video filmed by Smallbusiness.co.uk.  

4. Winning entry details 

4.1 The winner’s name will be available 28 days after each draw by emailing the following address: bethan.harper@stubbenedge.com