Small businesses reject cloud for data storage

Despite growing usage, only a fifth believe cloud is a long-term storage option.

Despite growing usage, only a fifth believe cloud is a long-term storage option.

Only 13 per cent of UK SMEs are using cloud as their primary storage platform, new research has revealed.

In a survey of 500 small to medium-sized organisations by Icomm Technologies, almost two thirds (61 per cent) are using a storage area network (SAN), while 16 per cent cite use of network-attached storage (NAS) or direct-attached storage (DAS).

When asked about long-term solutions, only a fifth (22 per cent) say they are confident that the cloud will become their primary storage strategy in the future.

Data growth is often billed as a key incentive for businesses to move to the cloud, allowing them to scale their organisation flexibly.

But despite predictions that the global volume of data will double every two years before the end of the decade, the survey finds that the majority of UK businesses are not struggling with rapid data growth.

More than three quarters (77 per cent) say their annual growth rates do not exceed 10 per cent, with just 3 per cent experiencing year-on-year growth higher than 25 per cent.

Only 8 per cent of respondents say that they regard scalability as a primary concern. Instead, the main focuses are cited as cost (30 per cent) and performance (20 per cent).

Almost a third (29 per cent) say that they now see converged infrastructure as a serious proposition for their business, but 70 per cent are unsure of its value.

‘It’s important to separate the hype from reality in order to understand how businesses can best manage their storage infrastructure,’ says Mark Lomas, IT consultant at Icomm Technologies. ‘SMEs will often have less scope to experiment compared to a larger enterprise.

‘Testing new solutions can be a costly exercise, meaning that if businesses want to make a change, they’ll have to commit in a big way. While the cloud is likely to grow in popularity, SMEs are clearly in no rush to adopt it as their primary solution.’

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