Small firms hit by parking problems

Britain's small businesses and local shops are losing out thanks to parking policies that drive customer to bigger competitors.

The Federation of Small Businesses has welcomed the call from the House of Commons Transport Select Committee for an overhaul of parking policies.

A survey by the FSB reveals just seven per cent of small firms are satisfied with local parking policies, while 52 per cent are dissatisfied. The group is urging local authorities to review parking facilities and prices to stimulate growth in the high street rather than strangle it.

‘Local shops face a constant uphill battle against supermarkets and out of town shopping centres,’ explains Steve Collie, FSB National Transport Chairman. ‘Parking is free out of town but high street retailers are hit hard by restrictive parking policies from local councils.

‘The select committee’s proposal to review the approach to parking is not before time and must include a thorough examination of local parking provision and charges,’ he continues. ‘For small firms to survive in local areas, providing vital services – especially for the elderly and vulnerable – this bias against them must be removed from local and national government policy.’

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