Small firms ‘need Post Office’

Small companies will be badly hit if more Post Offices are forced to close, according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

A poll of the organisation’s 5,300 members found 80 per cent of respondents rely on the service for their mail and other business transactions, with almost half visiting their local Post Office more than once a week.

Furthermore, the research finds 20 per cent claim their post handling now takes longer because of closures, while 17 per cent are forced to travel further due to local branches folding.

Clive Davenport, trade and industry chairman at the FSB, comments: ‘We have already seen more than 2,500 Post Offices shut over the last year – any more closures will have an even more damaging effect on small businesses which use its services daily.’

The poll also shows that 48 per cent of small businesses want the Post Office to be owned by the state, although more than a quarter would accept part-privatisation if it prevented further closures.

The Communication Workers Union claims it will withdraw its £1 million annual donation to the Labour Party if the government pursues the part-privatisation plans.

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